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Auto Diesel - nasiona marihuany od CBD Seeds - 1623

Dostępność: duża ilość
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Kod produktu: 1622
Ocena: nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany 0
Producent: CBD Seeds


Nasiona marihuany Auto Diesel

Under our criteria the only automatic with truly Diesel character, after comparing the results obtained by other banks. Well its green this strain has a citrus aroma mixed with an unmistakable aroma of fuel, which gives the name to this strain.

The leaves are short and wide, despite having an effect closer to the Indica than to the Sativa. All the plants are very similar, which makes it an excellent choice for Sea Of Green crops. Its flowers and leaves become gold and purple at the end of the flowering cycle, which is a delight to behold.

Genotyp - 90% NYD - 10% Ruderalis
Zbiory - 10 weeks
Plony - 60/35 g

Dane techniczne

Rodzaje nasion Nasiona automatyczne CBD
Przeznaczenie Indoor & Outdoor

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