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Biodiesel 2016 Fast Version - nasiona marihuany od Biological Seeds - 1443

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Kod produktu: 1442
Ocena: nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany nasiona marihuany 0
Producent nasion konopi: Biological Seeds


Nasiona marihuany Biodiesel 2016 Fast Version

Biodiesel 2016 Fast Version - this one is the new genetic from our seed house.

South America and Middle East (Original Mexican Sativa x Original Afghan) met to create this strain, a mostly Sativa great plant. Easy to grow, with intense green leaves and compact, resinous buds, Bio diesel is a little work of art.

Can reach a meter and a half in height, has a strong structure, and it's quite resistant to mould, mites and parasites. It actually doesn't need special care and nutrition. This is a strain that can please everybody, from the amateur all the way up to the pro.

Despite the Sativa predominance, it blooms in 5 - 6 weeks indoor and it’s ready outdoor for the harvest at the end of September / early October, hence the name “Fast Version”.

The aroma is intense, the flavour is fruity with a bitter, typically Diesel aftertaste.
Good for anxiety control, gives you a nice, creative energy and a relaxing effect.

Wysokość:  120-150 cm
Zapach: Owocowy smak z gorzkim posmakiem diesla
Efekt - relaksujący
Zbiory: 7/9 tyg.
Outdoor: koniec września 
Plon: 480 gr/m2 indoor - 850 gr/plant outdoor
Geny: 80% Sativa
THC: 18-20%

Dane techniczne

Rodzaje nasion Nasiona Pełnosezonowe
Typ Przewaga Sativa
Przeznaczenie Indoor & Outdoor

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