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Auto Lady Bug

Dostępność: wycofany z oferty
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Producent: Biological Seeds


The "White Dwarf" Autoflowering of Biological Seeds arises from the crossing of two indica selected for their power.
The numerous selections of which she was subject allowed us to get a plant of small size and life cycle extremely fast, features that, combined with its remarkable resistance and its ease of cultivation, make it one of the most suitable genetic for tactician " hit and run ". Its low height allows her to grow up safe from prying eyes.
Little Lady Bug of Biological Seeds flourishes in fact in just two months from the time of sowing and rarely presents problems of any kind. It is a plant "easy" also suitable for less experienced growers. Little Lady Bug of Biological Seeds belongs to the category of so-called dwarf plants.

Wysokość - 30-50 cm
Zapach - silny i owocowy
Efekt - relaksujący
Plony - 65 dni
Outdoor - środek października
Plony - 20-30 gr / per plant
Geny - Indica 100%
THC - 16%

Dane techniczne

Rodzaje nasion Nasiona Automatyczne
Typ Przewaga Indica
Przeznaczenie Indoor & Outdoor

Strony internetowe: GRUPA

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